PaperGram – Pulls Wallpaper from Instagram Feed

I you are like me , you change the wallpaper on your iPhone almost every day. I am constantly on the lookout for cool new phone backgrounds and am also quite fickle, so as cool as they are, they don’t last long. Enter PaperGram, the new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that allows you to sync up your wallpaper settings to any Instagram account. PaperGram automatically changes your wallpaper with images supplied by said account [ which doesn’t even have to be your Instagram account by the way ].

Image : PaperGram Pulls iPhone Wallpaper from Instagram Feed

papergram cydia

When downloaded, PaperGram creates a pane in your settings section of iOS. You can access any Instagram account by putting in the username and PaperGram will feed images from that account to your lock screen and home screen at intervals set by you. papergram1


  • Multi Instagram account capabilitypapergram
  • Ability to have one account on your lock screen and one on your home screen papergram-jailbreak-tweak-2
  • Ability to set your time intervals that new images appear papergram2
  • Ability to resize images so they fit your screen
  • Quick enable | disable button for the tweak
  • Stay current with the accounts you follow without having to log in to Instagram .

Overview :

Variety is the spice of life and your devices are arguably the one thing you look at more than anything else in a given day. Keeping things in constant motion in terms of your phone and your surroundings is a great way to break up the monotony of your work day. I really like the idea that you have no idea what you will see next with this app. It makes checking your phone a kind of interesting game in terms of what it will display at the next interval set by you.


It is a great option for those who have friends or celebrities they follow on Instagram but have no interest in building their own account. The fact that you can just put in an account name and be kept up on the latest events in the lives of people you care about by just picking up your device is a great idea for those who want to stay tapped into their social pipelines but do not have the time to constantly check Instagram.

Download :

Available in Cydia , this is all in all a great app. You don’t need Instagram, you don’t have to change your wallpaper, you can be constantly surprised by what pops up next, you can set different feeds for your home screen and lock screens as well as set how long the images stay. PaperGram is a great way to keep your phone fresh and interesting while simultaneously keeping up with what your friends post on Instagram.

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