Personal Hotspot Missing in iOS 9 – iOS 10 Fix

The latest iOS firmware, which has been released in Sep this year , had already entered the developer community through its beta version for testing few months back. Developers across the world have downloaded iOS 10 [ full version ] and are speaking about the bugs found in the new OS. One of the major bug found is that the “Personal Hotspot” is missing. Most of the iOS 10 users have encountered this glitch. You can follow a few steps to try and bring back “Personal Hotspot” on your iPhone.

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Personal HotSpot Missing in iOS 10

Before proceeding, please remember that the Personal Hotspot feature is carrier-dependent. It means that the Personal Hotspot will be missing only if you haven’t opted for it in your data plan, and hence it is not a bug. But if you still find the feature missing even after subscribing for the feature, then you can follow the below-given steps to fix the bug.

Fix No Personal Hotspot :

  1. Go to Settings and then tap the ‘Cellular’ option.  cellular 4g lte iphone 6 plus ios 8
  2. Then tap Cellular Data Network .
  3. Under the Cellular Data menu, enter the APN .
  4. Then scroll down to ‘Personal Hotspot’ section.
  5. In the given ‘APN’ field, type in the same APN exactly as it is listed under ‘Cellular Data’.

You can ask your service provider for the respective APN, or you can simple search for it on Google by typing in your ‘provider name’ + ‘APN’. In a few instances, you may need to skip the APN option and enter the username given there. Now browse back to Settings. The ‘Personal Hotspot’ should be there now. If you still don’t find it, you can reboot your iPad/iPhone and then check Settings again.

Method 2 :

This method might not work sometimes. In such case, you can follow one or more of the following three options.

  • Reboot – Hold down the power button and the home button until the screen goes totally blank. Then press down the power button again to start the iPhone.slide_to_power_off reboot
  • Reset Network Settings – Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Enter Passcode to confirm. reset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings
  • Reset All the Settings – Browse to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Enter Passcode to confirm. reset_all_settings_ios 9

If the above options still don’t resolve the problem, you can restore the device via iTunes.

Note: Some mobile carriers may not use the term Cellular Data and may use the word Mobile instead, which will be mentioned in the Settings at the same spot in place of ‘Cellular Data’. Also, you may or even may not see the ‘Cellular Data Network’ visible on the screen, as a few mobile carriers avoid this option completely.

Remember that the Personal Hotspot will be visible only if the ‘Cellular Data’ is active. Sometimes, you might have to switch off 3G | LTE and switch it on again to reenable the Personal Hotspot. The Personal Hotspot missing problem isn’t new and was encountered in iOS 7 and iOS 8 too. Hopefully, and of course, Apple will wipe out this bug in the public release.

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