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Snapchat is a well-known app used for sending short photo and video messages. Unlike other messages that are sent with photos or videos, the content in a Snapchat can only be viewed for a very short time before it disappears without a trace. Snapchat contains a whole host of features that are incredibly useful but you can add even more if you download a tweak called Phantom. You don’t need to jailbreak to get this tweak though; instead, you can get the tweak through an app called Extensify [ext link] and we’re going to show you what Phantom does and how to get it.

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phantom snapchat download ios 9

Phantom Features :

Phantom supports iOS 7 through to iOS 9.x.x and it requires that you have Snapchat on your device. The features of Phantom include :

  • The ability to save your Snaps for future reading
  • Keep Snaps open by disabling the Hold gesture
  • Keep your Snaps in your feed and then mark them as read when you want to
  • Disable Phantom when you don’t want to use it phantom3
  • Select several contacts for each message

You can save the videos and photos you receive to :

  • Your camera roll
  • A photo album specified by you
  • A folder that is protected by password – this is backed up through iTunes

Other features include :

  • Being able to send media directly from the camera roll
  • Crop feature
  • Using the Shake feature to override the orientation
  • Change the font, size and color of captions and the color of the background
  • Set up a notification sound
  • Set up a notification on the Status bar

Phantom contains a number of configuration settings which can all be found in the Phantom preferences pane in your Settings app.

How to Download Phantom for Snapchat :

  1. First make sure you have Snapchat on your device [ ext link] snapchat_download
  2. To download Phantom for Snapchat [ext link], you must first Download Extensify. You can do this by following the steps in our linked download tutorial.
  3. Open Extensify from the home screen of your iOS device
  4. Use the Search feature to look for Phantomphantom_app_extensify_3
  5. Tap on Get Beside Phantom to send it to a build session – with Extensify, you have to “build” the tweak, called an Exophantom_app_extensify_1
  6. When the build has been done, you can install the app phantom_app_extensify_2

When the installation has completed, there will be an app on your home screen called Phantom +. All tweaks or Exos downloaded from Extensify are given the + sign to identify them as modified Extensify tweaks. If you are looking for system-deep modifications, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device first and install Cydia. Extensify is unable to do this and, as such, instead of modifying the actual app, a new, modified version of the app is downloaded instead.

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