PickPocket – Keep your iPhone Secure in Case of Theft

You might have surely heard about several Cydia Tweaks that offer various security functions for times when someone tries to unlock your phone without your permission. For instance, there are tweaks that automatically take a picture with the front camera when someone enters the wrong passcode, thus showing us who tried to sneak into the iPhone. Such security features can be really helpful, especially for those who store a lot of personal and secret information on their iPhones.

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Well, if you are so worried about the security of your iPhone and the data in it, then you should have a look at the PickPocket tweak. This jailbreak tweak is currently in beta and offers some new features to increase the level of security on your iPhone. Let’s check out its features.

Features :

  • The PickPocket tweak basically enhances the security by blocking access to certain functions of iOS until the user enters the right password. For instance, if you press down the Lock | Sleep button in order to shutdown the device, the tweak will ask you for the correct password in order to complete the action. If you enter the wrong password, the access is restricted. pickpocket 1
  • If someone tries to check the contents of your iOS device but enters the wrong password many times or tries to power off the phone, the tweak will sound a loud alarm to alert the owner of the device. The alarm is raised at the maximum level and the physical volume keys are disable so that the sound cannot be reduced. Entering the correct passcode will shut off the alarm.pickpocket 2
  • You can go to the preferences pane of PickPocket after you have installed the tweak. You can enable or disable the tweak from there and can set the password to access the Slide to Power Off feature. You can even set the number of times someone enters wrong passcodes before the alarm goes off. The alarm can be disabled too. Changes require rebooting.
  • There is another feature in the PickPocket tweak that is like an emergency contact card. After the maximum number of incorrect tries is reached, a popup will come up showing the phone number, name, country, etc. that you set beforehand. So if your phone gets lost, people finding it can return it to you.

Download :

PickPocket is currently in the beta phase and hence might not be stable. Still, it can be tried out for free by adding the developer’s repo in Cydia and searching for the tweak. The repo URL is  http://repo.ziph0n.com. Try it out and let us know.



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