PowerDown Customizer – More Options to Power Off

Pressing and holding the Power button on your iPhone gives you just one option – a slider to switch off the phone. What if you wanted to be able to restart or reboot your iPhone in the same way ? A new tweak called PowerDown Customizer gives you that option and a few more besides when you press and hold that Power button down.

Image : PowerDown Customizer brings more Options to Switch Off iPhone

PowerDown Customizer

In fat, you get four new options besides the power off one, as well as the option to cancel if you don’t want to do any of them:

  • Respring
  • Lock
  • Reboot
  • Safe Mode


Many jailbreakers often have to respring their devices when installing new tweaks and PowerDown Customizer provide you with the easy way to do it. As well as having all these new options, the tweak also gives you options for configuring the look of the Power Off interface, including :

  • Choosing a style, such as the Android Style
  • Choosing a Blurred view
  • As an Alert style sheet powerdowncustomizer4
  • As an In-Action style sheet

 Once PowerDown Customizer is installed, it will be enabled by default; to use it simply press and hold the Power button down and you are presented with the new options laid out for you.  If you want to customize the tweak, simply go to your Settings app and open the PowerDown Customizer preferences pane. From here, you change the settings how you want them, including customizing how the interface looks and whether to enable or disable the tweak. You can also choose to set the tweak on your lock screen if you want. And, unlike some other tweaks, any changes you make are applied immediately, with no need to respring first.


Download :

PowerDown Customizer is by no means the only tweak of its kind but it is one of the first to give you so many options to choose from. If you want to give it a go, jailbreak your iOS device with the latest iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ last available jailbreak for iPhone ] and then head over to the BigBoss repository on Cydia and download it for just $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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