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Who doesn’t love jailbreaking ? It’s fun going through Cydia and search for new tweaks every now and then. Most of us jailbreak users install loads of tweaks on our iOS devices. But we do forget to imagine how our Settings app would look like with all those preferences panes for all the different tweaks installed on our iPads and iPhones. Doesn’t it get too cluttered ? Of course it does, and it also makes it really hard to find what you are looking for. Besides, it make your Settings menu look ugly and lengthy.

Image : PreferenceOrganizer Jailbreak Tweak

PreferenceOrganizer tweak

Over a period of time, you really feel annoyed about all those preferences for different tweaks that pile up inside Settings. Of course, you can’t delete tweaks just because of the huge amount of preferences. That’s when you realize that you need help to organize the preferences, and that’s where another tweak called PreferenceOrganizer 2 comes to the rescue.

PreferenceOrganizer 2 is a very interesting jailbreak tweak that moves the tweak preferences in different folders, thus helping you keep the Settings pane neat and tidy. Let’s check out the features of this awesome tweak.

Features :

  • PreferenceOrganizer 2 literally organizes all the tweak preferences panes into separate folder according to their categories. This results in a more sorted out and tidy-looking Settings menu.
  • The organizer tweak creates four different folders inside the Settings app, including Tweaks, Social Apps, App Store Apps, and Apple Apps. The tweaks get their preferences stores in the folders according to these four categories. For instance, preferences for Messages, Reminders, Notes, etc. will go into the Apple Apps folder, while preferences for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will go into the Social Apps folder.
  • Similarly, all the jailbreak tweaks installed on your device will get their preferences moved into the Tweaks folder. PreferenceOrganizer_1
  • After installing the PreferenceOrganizer 2 tweak, you don’t need to do any additional configuration. Just launch the Settings app and you will be surprised to see all the tweak and app preferences perfectly tucked inside their respective folders.

It has been a long time now since PreferenceOrganizer 2 was first released, but the tweak has just recently been updated to provide iOS 9 support. This is one of the must-have tweaks on your iOS device in case you install a lot of jailbreak tweaks and don’t like your Settings app clutter.

Download :

You can download PreferenceOrganizer by adding this repo in Cydia :

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