PreferenceTag3 – Organize the Settings App your Way

A great new tweak available in the ever growing Big Boss repo in Cydia is called PreferenceTag3. Basically what it does is enable a jailbroken iOS user to organize which options show up in the settings panel of their device. In addition to that, you can disable or even password protect certain settings options. This is a great way to minimize clutter, disable underused panes or even protect certain option within your iOS device.

Image : PreferenceTag3 lets you Organize Settings App the way you want

preferencetag 3 tweak

Let’s take a closer look at what can be done with Preferencetag3 .

Features :

  • The ability to enable or disable any chosen setting preferencetag3-hide-settings
  • Set a passcode for any specific setting that locks that choice from anyone accessing itpreferencetag3-passcode
  • Place tags on certain settings
  • Hide or even delete selected settings panes from the menupreferencetag3-main1preferencetag3-hide-settings1
  • Change order of settings so that the most common ones you use are placed near the top preferencetag3-main

When the tweak is opened for the first time on your device, a pop up with a video for all of the crucial instructions comes up so that setting up Preferencetag3 is a breeze.

The long and the short of the video, for impatient users, is that to select a settings feature, you swipe that setting left (as if you were deleting a text thread). From there, a list of options will pop up menu style. Within that menu, you will find things like “Disable” which will require a passcode to re-enable, Hide, or even set a password. For those afraid of commitment, hesitant to disable an app, there is the option to just move the ones you feel are the most frequented to the top of the list. This is a great option because all of the lesser used apps are still there and do not require being re-enabled should you need to use one.

Download :

This is a Free app in the Cydia Bigboss repo. Out of all the different things you can do with tweaks, I like ones like this the best. The coin of the realm is practicality and what better way to be proactive, pragmatic tech enthusiast than by keeping a clean shop on your device ? I think of the two settings I use the most and that’s wifi and changing my wallpaper. I literally do not remember the last time I adjusted a single other setting in my phone. So why have them there? Or at the very least, why not have wallpaper and Wi-Fi as the top two? What a great time saver!

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