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The iPhone camera is, without a doubt, one of the best smartphone cameras in the world but there are still times when you miss out on the perfect opportunity for the perfect shot because you have to wait for the Camera app to open. Thanks to a brand new Cydia tweak, that waiting is now at an end. QuickShoot Pro 3 is the idea tweak for anyone who loves taking photographs and it is fully compatible with the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak.

Image : QuickShoot Pro Tweak

quick shoot pro tweak 3

QuickShoot Pro 3 Features :

  • QuickShoot Pro 3 uses an Activator action to allow you to take videos or photos from where wherever you in the iOS, without the need to open the Camera app.
  • Double tapping the icon for the Camera app on the home screen allows you to take photos while a triple tap starts the video recorder. A small animation will show up on the home screen to let you know if a photo has been taken or recording has started
  • Gives you the option of alternative app icons for capturing video or photos – this is because you won’t always be on your home screen where the Camera icon is when you want to use the camera so you can assign a different app from a different home screen – double or triple tapping on the assigned icon will do the same – take a photo or start video recording

Configuring QuickShoot Pro 3 :

QuickShoot Pro 3 provides plenty of options for configuration. Simply go to your Settings app when you have downloaded the tweak and go into the preferences pane, where you will find options for:

  • Enabling and disabling QuickShoot Pro 3quickshoot pro 3 setttings
  • Choosing whether to use the front or rear camera when you double tap the icon
  • Choosing the quality of the video
  • Enabling or disabling features like Flash, Anti-Blur, and HDR
  • Picking the Activator gesture for taking a photo with the rear or front camera
  • Picking the Activator gesture for starting video recording on the rear or front camera
  • Using Activator to blink the flash when a photo is taken
  • Enable the option to receive notifications when a photo is taken

Download :

So, if you are one of those that loves to use your iPhone camera to capture life around you, then QuickShoot Pro 3 is the ideal Cydia tweak for you. You can get it from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for just $1.99 and it is one tweak the really lives up to the promises it makes. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

If you have not yet installed the iOS 9.x.x jailbreak, head over to our download guidelines and tutorial for PPHelper.

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