Reboot Loop after iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Pangu has given us a huge surprise by releasing a iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak . This move from the team was unexpected, as the common opinion of everybody was that there would be no iOS 9.x.x jailbreak until iOS 10 release month. Nevertheless, jailbreak lovers are very happy with the release and are jailbreaking their iOS devices to install their favourite jailbreak tweaks, as Cydia has also been updated to support iOS 9.3.3. However, most of the tweak developers still didn’t get enough time to provide iOS 9.3.3 support in their tweaks. Such tweaks, if installed on iOS 9.x.x , could misbehave and cause the device to Freeze or go into Reboot loops.

Image : Fix Reboot Loop after Jailbreak

reboot loop ios 9

In case you are facing any such problems, try the following fixes.

Hard Reboot :

Long time iOS users will know that most of the issues in jailbroken as well as stock iOS devices can be fixed just by doing a hard reset. For performing a hard reboot, press down and hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo comes on screen again. Whenever your iOS device gets unresponsive to touch inputs or is having trouble running an app, a hard reboot solves the problem most of the time.

dfu iphone 6 plus ios 9

Solve Endless Reboot Loop With Volume Up Trick :

Many users find that their device is behaving weird and is rebooting continuously after jailbreaking. Such issues are mostly caused by incompatible or broken jailbreak tweaks. A hard reboot does not solve such problems. In order to fix the reboot loop issue, press and hold the Volume Up button while your iOS device is booting up until you see the Lock screen again. You can now launch Cydia and delete the tweak that is causing the device to misbehave. In case the Volume Up button isn’t working, you can use the Clicker button (not Volume up) of the earphone or headset.

iphone 6s volume up

Install Compatible Tweaks Only :

iOS 9.3.3 is a new firmware, which is why tweak developers haven’t been able to update their tweaks to work with the new firmware. So make it a habit to check the compatibility of tweaks before installing them on your jailbroken iOS devices to avoid issues, You can check out the full list of tweaks Compatible Cydia Apps .

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    • i was wondering if you were able to solve your problem with the endless reboot. I tried pressing the volume up butoon but it still doesnt work. did you get any help on that?

  1. The volume up fix got my iPhone 6 out of bootloop after trying to install Pandora Downloader on iOs 9.0.2, which apparently is not compatible. Thank you!

  2. this is actually works. notice only only after wake up from DFU state while connecting to pc… activator was the fault in my case though it says it is compatible.

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