How to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts on iOS 9

One of the most common problems that people have is losing all their iPhone contact details, either when they try to sync to iTunes or iCloud or when they change their iPhone for a newer one. Using iTunes is one of the easiest ways to back up your contacts, although you can also use iCloud or manually export them.

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Using iTunes to Recover Deleted Contacts :

You can restore your lost contacts via an iTunes backup

  1. Connect your iPhone 6 to your PC or Mac and open iTunes
  2. Bring up the Summary for your iPhone
  3. Select Restore From Backup – this will replace all information on your iPhone with that from the backup restore backuprestore from backup itunes

Using iCloud to Restore Lost Contacts :

Some people prefer to use iCloud over iTunes now because they find it easier. Provided you have enabled iCloud Contacts sync, you should be able to find what you need:

  1. Login to iCloud using your Apple login details icloud contacts 1
  2. Click Contacts icloud contacts 0

If the missing contacts are on the list, you can easily recover them to your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings > iCloud on your iPhone icloud ios 8 iphone 6
  2. Tap on Contacts to disable it icloud contacts1
  3. On the pop up message, tap on Keep on My iPhone icloud contacts0
  4. Tap Contacts to enable it and then tap Merge 
  5. Wait a bit and your missing contact should be back

If that fails, you will need to delete your iCloud account but opt to keep the data. Re-add the account, tap Merge all Data and wait for the contacts to appear back on your iPhone

How to Manually Export Your Contacts :

The safest way to keep your contact data safe is to sync it to iCloud and make regular .vcf copies of the data

  1. Ensure the contact details are up to date in iCloud
  2. Login to iCloud [as shown above]
  3. Click Contacts [as shown above]
  4. Click on Settings 
  5. Click on Export vCard icloud contacts 2
  6. Save the file to your hard drive
  7. Email the file to yourself and then you can open it on your iPhone to get your contact details back

As always, there is the option of using external software to help you and one such program is called CoolMuster. This is data recovery software that can recover all data from your iPhone, no matter how it got lost or what the data is.

How to Use CoolMuster :

  1. Download CoolMuster for Windows or Mac
  2. Run the software on your computer and it will pick up all of your iTunes backup files
  3. To get your contact back, click Contacts and choose the ones you lost off your iPhone cool-iii-data-recovery-scr
  4. Click on Recover and they will be saved on your PC along with any other data that you need to recoverdata-recovery-for-iii-notes

Have you found any other ways to get back lost contacts? Share your stories in the comments box below.

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