How to Get Cydia Purchase Refund

Not so long back, after a long wait, Pangu released PPHelper for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3, prompting developers to start producing tweaks for the latest iOS versions. Cydia has since been updated to let you actually take advantage of those tweaks but the update also brings another interesting feature that is going to benefit all customers who pay for their tweaks.

Image : Get Cydia Purchase Refund

cydia refund ios 10

The feature is called Self-Service Refund and it is designed to make the refund system much easier.  Until now, if you purchased a tweak that was buggy or simply didn’t work properly, you would have had to try and contact the developer to get your money back and that is not always easy to do as many of the developers are busy on other projects and are difficult to contact. The new system should also ensure that developers keep their tweaks up to date and fix bugs as and when needed, to try and cut down on the numbers of people wanting refunds.

Using Cydia Self Service Refund Feature :

You can only use this feature on a tweak within 24 hours of purchase – after that, you will need to get in touch with the developer. Here’s how to use it:

  1. The first thing to do is remove the tweak from any iOS device that you have installed it on. It may work perfectly well on your iPad and not on your iPhone but you cannot request a refund if you keep it installed on a device. To remove the tweak, open Cydia and then open the description page for the tweak. Tap on Modify and then on cydia refund 1
  2. Once the tweak has been uninstalled and your device has been resprung, open Cydia and go back to the tweak description page. Tap on the label that reads Automatic Refund – You will find it underneath the one that says Package Officially Purchased cydia refund 2
  3. A Compensation Page will open; tap on Click Here for Immediate Refund cydia refund 3
  4. Cydia will purchase your refund and will display a message that says Done
  5. You should now see the refund credited back into your PayPal account – if you don’t, just wait a couple of minutes and check again

This is a great feature for giving paying customers a little confidence when they make their purchases that they can get a refund if things aren’t as they should be. The only thing is, once you have requested a refund, you will not be able to purchase that tweak again, unless an update is made to it so make sure it really isn’t working properly before you go down that route.

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