RespringProgress – Progress Bar on Reboot Screen

In case you use a jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, you would know that a lot of tweaks require you to respring your device to apply the changes. Apart from that, the need to restart your device arises on a semi-regular basis, which is why you should get a useful power menu. Thankfully, there’s a nice tweak for that.

Image : RespringProgress – Adds Progress Bar in Reboot Screen

RespringProgress tweak

Known as RespringProgress, this Cydia tweak brings a progress bar to the respring | reboot screen of your iOS device. Curious ? Read on the features below to know more about this nice little tweak.

Features :

  • RespringProgress adds a progress bar to the respring or reboot screen of your iOS device and displays how much part of the respring progress has been completed and how much is left. That’s the only function of this tweak, and it does its job perfectly without any setup or interruption by or to the user. RespringProgress tweak
  • While many users would have wished that the tweak came with more features, fans of RespringProgress believe that it is good enough to be providing only one useful option suggested by its name.
  • The tweak is very light and minimum and adds a really valuable feature to the iOS system. You don’t need to guess anymore when the respring or reboot screen will go away; the tweak will let you know the progress of the restart right on the screen.
  • The progress bar is displayed right beneath the Apple logo while the device is respringing. However, the tweak does not work alone, and it is not invoked unless the iOS system launches a specific system-related process. The developer says that the tweak kicks in in the fairly later part of the whole boot process after the backboardd component gets started by the iOS system. That’s the trigger for RespringProgress to come into action.
  • Modern devices like the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6s come with upgraded hardware, so the respring and reboot process is very rapid in such devices. However, the older iOS devices take longer to boot up, which makes users impatient, which makes RespringProgress a very handy tweak. Users can now know how much they need to wait unless the respring or reboot progress completes.
  • You don’t need to configure any settings for the tweak, as it only has just one function and starts working right after you install it on your iOS device.

Download :

RespringProgress is compatible with iOS 9 and can be bought from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources .

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