Close All Safari Tabs at Once

Safari browser in iOS is one of the most easiest and minimalistic browsers across all smartphone platforms. However, those who use the Safari browser daily for heavy browsing will tell you that it does come with some not-so-good drawbacks. We are talking about managing the tabs in Safari. It is very easy to open multiple tabs in the Safari browser, but when someone tells you to close all of those tabs, you will be easily annoyed. That’s because closing multiple tabs in Safari is a very lenghty and boring task. Well, not anymore, because that problem can now be solved using the new iOS 9 jailbreak tweak called Safari Close All Tabs.

Image : Safari Close All Tabs Tweak

safari close all tabs

The Safari Close All Tabs is a tweak with a long name, but it does make closing tabs in Safari a very short work. With just a tap, you can get rid of all the Safari tabs without having to close them one by one. Let’s see how the tweak works and what it offers.

Features :

  • With the Safari Close All Tabs tweak, you can close all the tabs in Safari by just tapping one given button.
  • After installing the tweak, you will notice that a new “X” button appears at the bottom while switching between tabs. When you press this x button, all the tabs will be closed at once along with a confirmation notification of the same. safari-close-all-tabs-577x1024
  • The tweak also offers you the option to whitelist those tabs that you do not want to close with the button. In order to whitelist tabs, you need to choose the tab icon in Safari’s bottom right corner. In the tab switcher interface, tab and hold the particular tab with two fingers to whitelist that tab. Now a lock button will appear on the top left corner of that tab showing that it has been whitelisted. So when you press the x button again, all the tabs will be closed instead the whitelisted ones.
  • One surprising thing that you will find in the tweak is that it does not come with a preferences tweak. After installing the tweak, you don’t need to do any additional configuration.
  • For iOS 8 users , you can download CloseAll tweak from Cydia that works the same way , however in this you don’t get any additional “X” button . You have to tap and hold any of the “X” buttons on the tabs and it will bring up and option to close all the tabs . how to use safari close all tabs

Download :

The Safari Close All Tabs tweak is very useful for those who use the Safari browser extensively. The tweak can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia and works with all iOS 9 devices.

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