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Let’s accept it. Our iPhones and iPads are of no use if there’s no internet connection for them to connect with. We use the web daily on our iOS devices. And for those who do a lot of browsing, the Safari browser is a real boon. It takes you through the internet very smoothly. However, it is not the smoothest browser out there and has some niggles that can make surfing annoying or sometimes very irritating.

Image : SafariBeBetter Cydia Tweak

SafariBeBetter tweak

For instance, the address bar and toolbar is hidden automatically, but the bookmarks are not. Also, the complete URL is not visible. Well, if these things annoy you, then there’s a new jailbreak tweak for it. Called as SafariBeBetter, this tweak brings some very useful changes to the Safari browser.

Features :

  • The SafariBeBetter tweak adds three important enhancements to the Safari browser. These include viewing the entire URL, auto-hiding the bookmarks, and preventing the toolbar and address bar from hiding automatically.
  • Once you install the tweak, you can configure the settings easily by going to the preferences pane of the tweak in the stock Settings app. Also, you do not need to respring your iOS device after changing the settings, as the changes take place immediately.
  • When you enable the Auto-hide bookmarks option, you can hide the bookmark panel in Safari by tapping on it. Do note that this will work only if your iOS device is in the landscape mode when the bookmark panel is displayed on the left hand side of the display. safaribebetter1
  • By default, the Safari browser shows a shortened version of the URL in the address bar rather than the full URL of the site. However, with this tweak, you can view the entire address and thus save time that goes into checking the entire URL.
  • The Safari browser by default hides the toolbar and address bar automatically when you view a web page. This can be a bit annoying sometimes, but this tweak allows you to disable the auto-hiding so that they remain visible on the screen always.

So as you can see, the SafariBeBetter tweak truly packs in some very useful modifications that are really handy for someone who surfs a lot using the Safari browser. Also, this tweak is compatible with iOS 9, so those who are still on a jailbroken iOS 9 firmware can use it right away.

Download :

SafariBeBetter can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for free. So go ahead, try it, and let us know which feature you liked the most about this tweak.

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