How to Save Email Attachments from Mail App

Apple is hands down the best when it comes to innovation. One of the most appreciated of its services is the iCloud drive facility which it provides to its customers. The users get free 5 GB of storage space for saving their presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, or any other date. Additionally, this data can be accessed from all of your iOS devices like iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, or even the Mac or PC having iCloud app.

Image : Save Mail Attachment from Email on iOS 9

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We all know that iOS 9 is going to release this fall, but the beta versions of the firmware are already out for quenching our thirsts till the public release. And thanks to iOS 9 beta, we have discovered another amazing feature in iCloud storage which just takes the iCloud service so much further. While browsing the mail app on an iPhone, we found out that we can now save an email attachment directly to our iCloud drive from the Mail app in iOS 9. Of course, this facility is not available on the older iOS  firmwares and you need to have iOS 9 to get this amazing option. This feature is really a time-saver as you will not have to download the data on your iPhone in order to move it to iCloud drive or any other place.

You can just save your documents now to the iCloud drive directly in a folder there. The steps for doing the same are given in the simple tutorial below.

Saving Email Attachments from Mail App to iCloud Drive :

  1. Launch the Mail app on your iOS device.
  2. Now tap the email which has the attachment that you want to download.
  3. Next, tap and hold the specific attachment that you want to move to iCloud drive. Please remember that only one attachment can be downloaded at a time. So if you have multiple attachments to move, you will have to do it one by one for all the attachments. ios 9 mail0
  4. You will get a share sheet on the screen.
  5. Two sets/rows of icons will be displayed on the screen. You need to go to the bottom row and select the Save Attachment icon which is given in the cloud shape. You will then be taken to the iCloud Drive directly on your iOS device.
  6. Now just select the folder where you want to save that document to.
  7. Finally, tap the option labelled as Move to This Location.ios 9 mail2

You’re done! After you tap the Move to This Location option, the device will take you back to the Mail screen. You can now check the document in your iCloud drive from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

Now is the Time to Download iOS 9 :


This new feature has surely added another amazing way for people to save and share their documents easily on the go. This feature coupled with a plethora of fresh new features will make the iOS 9 the most innovative iOS firmware package till date and that’s what is making the wait seem so long. However, if you want to experience these awesome features right now before the public release in fall, we strongly recommend you to install iOS 9 beta for free without UDID registration.

What are you waiting for ? Try out the amazing iOS 9 firmware the whole world is talking about and experience a whole new level of user experience on your iOS device.

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