Save Mobile Data on iOS 9 – Reduce Cellular Data Usage

Cellular data is a very important need for most of the iPhone users nowadays. The users generally use around $30 to $50 worth of cellular data every month, which is not really cheap. Many people won’t be aware but iPhone apps eat up a lot of data due to the background processes or updates. This causes costlier bills for cellular data every month.

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So if you want to avoid a high bill, you can actually save around 40% of mobile data each month, which is not less at all. Just follow the below given tips to avoid data wastage on your iPad or iPhone.

Switch Off Automatic Updates :

App updates cost you a lot of data. In case automatic app updates is turned on in your iPhone, it will eat up lots of MBs without you being aware of it. Some updates might be small while others can be relatively large. So just avoid this wastage by going to the iTunes & App Store section in Settings and turning of automatic updates or toggling off the use cellular data option.


Identify Which Apps Eat More MBs :

Just find out which of your apps is the major culprit and your data usage will go down significantly. You can find these apps by going to Settings > Cellular. You will then get to know about those apps which are consuming more data. Most probably, the first three apps in the list will be using the most data, so just turn them off.


Toggle Off Background App Refresh :

This is similar to automatic app updates. Toggle off the background app refresh by going to General > Settings. Many users are unaware that leaving this option turned on will eat up a lot of cellular data as it refreshes each and every app in your iOS device. In case you require some apps to keep refreshing, then you can just select the other apps to turn off.

Toggle Off Location Services :


A lot of cellular data goes into the location services in iOS. Hence, it is recommended that you toggle off the location services on your iOS devices if you don’t need it.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle to turn off location services.

Toggle off iCloud Drive :


Most of the iPad and iPhone users forget to toggle off the iCloud drive, thus losing more than 50% of their cellular data. Some of the files in your iOS device could be around 100MB or more and in case they get saved to iCloud directly, then it will cost you a lot of data.

So turn off iCloud drive by going to Settings > Use cellular data > iCloud drive and turn it off.

Change Fetch New Data in Mail :

If you check your emails regularly and more often, then it can take up a large share of your cellular data. This is because the background data keeps refreshing every few minutes or an hour and you must change it. Browse to the Mail app and go to the Settings option. Now change the fetch option and make sure that the Mail app refreshes only when it is launched.

Toggle On WhatsApp’s Low Data Usage :


Almost everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays and we all know that a huge amount of audio, video, pictures, etc. are shared over the messenger. So data bills are bound to go sky-high. You can save a lot of mobile data with a simple tip. Launch WhatsApp and tap on Settings. Go tap on Chats and Calls. There is a Low Data usage option give. Just toggle it one and it will save data considerably.

Toggle ON Use Less Data in Instagram :


Another popular app is Instagram and a lot of data goes into it, thanks to the videos and photos shared. You can save data used by Instagram with a simple tip. Go to the Profile in Instagram on your iPhone and tap on Settings. Now scroll down and tap the Mobile Data Use option. Now toggle on the Use Less Data option.

Turn On Travel Mode in Snapchat :

In case you used Snapchat, the latest version gives you an option for limiting the use of mobile data during travel. You can just turn on the Travel Mode in Snapchat to save a good deal of mobile data.

Final Tip :

Automatic app updates use up the most of the mobile data. So you must update the apps on WiFi only. In case you have more tips, do share with us in the comments section below. For Downloading iOS 9 , follow this tutorial . More useful links below .

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