Seng – Auxo AppSwitcher Alternative

Auxo is the most preferred jailbreak tweak when talking about customization of the App Switcher. However, there are some worthy alternatives that can give Auxo a tough fight, and one of the them is called Seng. This new tweak is similar to Auxo 3 in terms of functionality and design queues. You can call it an Auxo inspired tweak.

Image : Seng Appswitcher

seng app switcher

Features :

Just like Auxo, Seng replaces the stock App Switcher. And yes, it is now available for iOS 9. Seng basically merges the Control Center and the App Switcher so that you can keep an eye on both of them simultaneously. The App Switcher gets launched when you double press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

seng_iOS_9 (1)

Once you have installed Seng, you will notice that the interface is made up of three different sections. The top section gets the AirDrop button by default, while the middle section shows you all the app preview cards. You will get your Quick Launch apps and toggles in the bottom section. In order to close all the running apps, you can just swipe up the Home screen. You can minimize an app by swiping up from the bottom right or the bottom left corner of the app.

The tweak comes with a preference pane that can be found in the stock Settings app. You can decide what you want to see in the bottom and top sections. There are also some toggles for options like whitelisting apps, swiping up ion the Home screen to close all apps, etc.

seng_2 seng_1

So if the Seng tweak a better option over Auxo ? Well, it depends on your personal taste too. Auxo 3 has recently been updated for iOS 9, though many users did not like the few changes made to the tweak. Although Seng is like a clone to the original Auxo tweak, Seng is actually doing a better job and provides better user experience on iOS 9. Though everybody may not agree with this, but this is actually the opinion of most of the Seng users.

Download :

So yes, Seng is an App Switcher replacement tweak worth downloading over Auxo 3. In case you are new to Seng, you can buy the iOS 9 compatible version of the tweak from the ModMyi repo in Cydia. The tweak costs $2.50. And for those who had already purchased Seng in the past, this new 1.2 update will be available to you for free download.

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