Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error

Although we are currently on iOS 9.3.1 [at the time of writing this article], but not everyone updated to it, preferring to keep their iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ext link] intact instead. With Cydia tweaks being updated to support iOS 9 at a fast pace, it no surprise that people are rushing to download their favorite ones. However, some users are reporting that they are coming up against an error. It’s called a Size Mismatch Error and, although it isn’t fatal, it is an irritating one. Unlike some of the errors we see on Cydia though, you will not need to remove the jailbreak and reinstall it again to fix it, although that may be an option if the following does not work for you.

Why Did I Get a Size Mismatch Error ?

Cydia Size Mismatch Error

The error could have been caused by a number of things, not necessarily anything you have knowingly done wrong though. It could be that you attempted to refresh your Cydia sources at the same time as the one you were downloading from was being synced. It could be that you tried to refresh while your chosen tweak was being updated or it could just be that you forgot to shut Cydia down while you were refreshing.

How to Fix a Size Mismatch Error on iOS 9 :


No matter what caused it, there are only two ways to get rid of the error – sit tight and wait for Cydia to refresh again or remove the repository and add it back in. The first option can take 24 hours or more while the second can be done in a matter of minutes. How you do it depends entirely on the source you need to remove – default or otherwise .

Deleting and Adding a Default Repository :

  1. Tap on Cydia icon to open it and go to Sourcescydia ios 9 source add
  2. Tap on Edit cyda_ios_9_repo_source2
  3. Tap on the Red button beside the source you want to delete cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add1
  4. Tap on Delete and Cydia will proceed to remove the source repo_reloading
  5. Tap on Done 
  6. Tap on Return to Cydia and you should go back to the main Cydia page cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3
  7. Tap on More Package Sources bigboss_repo_add4
  8. From the list of default repositories, tap the one you need to add back in bigboss repo
  9. Tap OKcyda_ios_9_repo_source6
  10. Once the source has been reloaded, tap on Return to Cydia 

Deleting and Adding a Non-Default Repository :

Follow steps 1 to 6 above and then these steps:

  1. At the bottom of your screen is a row of buttons – tap on Add cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  2. In the box, type the URL of the source in Tap on Add Sourcecyda_ios_9_repo_source4
  3. When Cydia has reloaded the repository, tap on Return to Cydia

In both cases, you should now be able to reload your favorite tweaks without any further hassle.

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