SlideMe – Give Your iPhone a Rotary Style LockScreen

iOS devices are popular for their signature Slide and number pad Lock screen, but not everyone is fond of that. If you are one of the people who want to spice up their Lock screen and make it look fancier, you would love this new jailbreak tweak from Cydia, SlideMe.

Image : SlideMe Gives your iPhone a Rotary Style Unlock Screen

slideme tweak

This new app will help you get rid of the boring old lock keypad and will replace it a fancy rotary-style input keypad, similar to the traditional old rotary telephones. Anyone who likes something vintage and out-of-the-box would love this new lock screen design.


  • SlideMe works by dragging your finger around a circular input design, instead of tapping on the usual 4 numbers to enter your passcode.
  • The circle has numbers around it, like a clock. You will slide your finger, starting from 0 to the first number and then release, then go to the second number and release, and so on.SlideMe (1)
  • You can choose 4 or 6 digit passcodes, but only in numbers.
  • You can choose your preferences. The app includes a Preferences pane where you can configure it. slideme2
  • You can choose colors. This includes choosing the colors for the text, the border, the filled ring and the unfilled ring. You can use a color picker for this and don’t have to choose from a given palette, so you can make it as funky as you please! SlideMe-Preferences-Pane-Options-to-Configure
  • You can turn the tweak on and off according to your needs.
  • You can reset settings to default as well as respring your iOS device.

Video : Here is SlideMe in Action

Keep in mind that you will have to respring your device every time you make any changes, in order to save them. This also needs to be done when you are setting up the tweak for the first time after installation , respring it twice to start the process of setting a passcode.

The rotary style of SlideMe is not entirely new; it has been seen in input screens before. However, it is very well designed and is also great for those who would like a little color on their Lock Screen and want to move away from the traditional iOS keypad. It also goes without saying that entering your passcode with SlideMe takes a little more time. Some may also think it doesn’t have much use since you skip passcode entry most of the time and just use the fingerprint scanner, but it works for those who like being a little different and don’t mind time-consuming designs.


So for those looking to make their phones more interesting, this fun rotary style input interface comes at a price of $1.49. It can be downloaded at Cydia on jailbroken devices with iOS 9 and above. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo source .

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