SmsSave – Saves iMessage or SMS into Messages App

A major problem many iPhone users have with the device is that it does not let you save messages in iMessage or SMS. To make things worse, the search feature does not let you find a specific message in a conversation, so finding a message means having to scroll up hundreds of messages to get to what you are looking for.

Image : SmsSave Saves iMessage or SMS into Messages App

smssave tweak

This problem has now been solved by a new jailbreak tweak, SmsSave, which fills this problematic gap that iOS has. It lets you bookmarks important messages, so you can get back to them whenever you need them. This means that you will be able to view all the bookmarked messages in a single place!

Features :

  • Save a message – To save a message in a conversation, all you have to do it tap and hold it. This will open an Action Menu, where you can tap Save.  smssave2
  • No limit – You can save as many messages as you want to.
  • Easy access to saves messages – To access these, you will see a Star button in the top right of the Messages app. Simply tapping on it will take you to all the bookmarked messages. smsSave-577x1024
  • Message details – You can further tap on a message to see which conversation it belongs to and details of when it was received and set.
  • Saved messages from one conversation – Alternatively, you can also find messages sent to or received from a certain person. Open a conversation, tap Details in the top right, and see the list of messages saved from that conversation. smsSave-4-577x1024
  • Delete messages – You can remove a message whenever you want to by swiping left on it.

If you use iMessage or SMS as your main source of communication, SmsSave can prove to be very useful for you. It is a great way to keep all your important messages in one place and to access them later whenever needed, without having to go through the hassle or scrolling through conversations and wasting a lot of time.

One feature SmsSave lacks is a search option. If the developer was to add an option to search through the list of bookmarked messages, it would make the process a lot more convenient in case the list is very long.

Download :

This useful tweak can be downloaded on Cydia’s BigBoss repo FREE of cost! It supports iOS 9 and above, so if you may need to update your phone if you want to use it. The tweak becomes active immediately and you can begin saving messages as soon as you install it.

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