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iOS 11, the greatest iOS firmware till date, has been just released by Apple. It is obvious that many people are rushing to download iOS 11 , the new update and get firmware on their devices. However, looks like not all is going well as many people are getting a Software Update Failed error message while trying to update to iOS 11. The error is being displayed right after the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the OTA update. The error says nothing more than “An error occurred Downloading iOS 11″.

Image : iOS 11 Software Update Error

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It is a fact that Apple tries to push each major software update to as many of its devices as possible, and this is something which Apple takes pride in. The company wants its users to use the latest version of iOS on their devices so that they can make the most out of their already awesome iOS devices. However, Apple should probably be careful about such update errors. No additional information is being provided at the moment for this error, but it surely isn’t any compatibility issue and almost all types of iOS devices supported by iOS 11 are experiencing this error.

How to Fix :

Reports also say that this isn’t a local problem and that iOS users all over the world have been getting this same error message while trying to get the iOS 11 update. Though Apple hasn’t come out with any official explanation for this, the only logical and educated guess is that the installation and authentication servers of Apple are not being able to take up so many download requests at the same time, thanks to all the hype that Apple built around iOS 11.

Image : Software Update Failed on an iPad during iOS 11 update


Though the chances are rare, there is a slim possibility of this error indicating a larger underlying problem. However, there’s also a very slim possibility that an issue of a larger nature is behind the problem. Apple has reportedly not released the watchOS 2 today that it was supposed to, and the reason behind this was a bug being found in it. So it might be possible, even though hardly, that the iOS 11 too has some kind of bug in it.

Though we can’t say anything at the moment regarding the reason behind this error, we can surely tell you how you can try and get rid of this error.

Solve iOS 11 Software Update Failed Error :

The following solutions, though not guaranteed, may solve the error for you :

  • Reboot your iOS device and your WiFi router and make sure your internet connection is working. slide_to_power_off
  • Reset network settings on your iOS device by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settingsreset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings
  • Have some patience and avoid installing the OTA update for a few hours. Just wait for now and install the iOS 11 update later, when the load over Apple servers will lighten up.
  • Scrap the OTA update and try installing iOS 11 using the manual iTunes method [ Method 2 in linked article ]. It has reportedly been working for many people. We have already updated the iOS 11 download IPSW links .

One of the above solutions should solve the problem. If none of the above workarounds solve the error for you, then your only bet is to wait for a few hours and try again or wait for Apple to come up with an explanation.

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