Springtomize 3 Now Supports iOS 9.3.3

The main reason why people jailbreak is to be able to customize their iOS devices to their heart’s content. And when it comes to customizing iOS, nobody can beat the legendary Springtomize tweak. This is the tweak which makes people jailbreak their iOS devices, as it allows you to modify even the smallest details in iOS. For those who don’t know, this tweak has been one of the most successful ones in the history of iOS jailbreaking, which is why many people have been waiting eagerly for an iOS 9.3.3 compatible version of Springtomize.

Image : Springtomize

springtomize 3

Thankfully, you might not have to wait long, as developer Filippo Bigarella will be releasing released Springtomize 3 for iOS 9.3.3 . We have been lucky to get our hands at a copy of the tweak, and we have been testing and trying it very enthusiastically.

Features :

  • For those who are not familiar with the Springtomize tweak, it basically enables you to modify a lot of SpringBoard attributes. It helps you customize the look of the dock, modify the size of the icons, adjust animation speeds, hide icon labels, and so much more. springtomize3-1
  • You can play around with the Control Center, dock, app slider, icons, pages, status bar, lock screen, and many more SpringBoard components with this tweak. Springtomize contains a different menu for all the different sections of iOS.springtomize3-3
  • You can increase the number of apps in the dock and can also apply an awesome coverflow effect to the dock. springtomize3-4
  • The tweak is available in over 20 languages.
  • You can add unlimited number of pages with this tweak and can also customize the lock screen and animations. springtomize3-2

Due to the vast nature of Springtomize 3, it is not practical to list down all of its features. The above mentioned capabilities of the tweak are just the tip of an iceberg, and you will discover a lot of more once you start using the tweak to its full capability.

Download :

Filippo has been helped by developer Janosch Hubner aka @sharedRoutine to bring Springtomize to iOS 9.x.x. This new version 1.4 will bring some cool new features to the tweak. There’s some talk going on about an unauthorized version of Springtomize 3 that was found on a shady 3rd party repo, but we highly advise you to stay away from such untrusted things.

We expect Springtomize 3 for iOS 9.3.3 is out already , and from the copy that we tested out, we can say that it will work smoothly on iPhone 6s. You can download the app directly from Cydia following this process [ how to buy cydia apps ] and grab it for $2.99 or as a free update if you own one of the earlier releases . Those who are looking for a free download , simply add these 3rd party repo’s and enjoy the app. Do consider purchasing it if you can afford and support the developer .

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