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We have all been waiting for Apple to release the latest iOS firmware and finally, the Cupertino giant released the best iOS firmware till date hardly a couple of hours ago. The new iOS firmware is compatible with all the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices that were compatible with previous iOS firmware. Like we said, the latest iOS version is no doubt the best iOS firmware as it comes with a lot of new features and is smoother and faster than ever. However, it looks like not everybody is having a good time installing the new update.

Image : Stuck at Update Requested Error

stuck at update requested ios 10

As is the case with all the major iOS updates, tens of thousands of users must be trying to update their devices to latest iOS version all at the same time and this has apparently caused the Apple servers to overload, thus resulting in update errors. We posted an article hardly an hour ago regarding the Software Update Failed error that many users have been facing while trying to download the iOS update. And it seems like it is not the only error that is causing restlessness among iOS fans who deliberately want to jump to the latest iOS firmware fast.

Solve Stuck at “Update Requested” Error :

  • In case the Update Requested screen is shown for more than 10 minutes, then you should restart your device and start the update again. slide_to_power_off
  • In case things don’t get any better, you can try downloading the iOS update through iTunes
  • If you are getting the Software Update Failed error, then go to this post for possible solutions.

What is Causing iOS Update Requested Error ?

Too many users downloading the update at the same time is leading to slow download speeds for most of the users, but this is only about those who are able to at least start the download process. Meanwhile, a lot of users are experiencing the previously mentioned Software Update Failed error [image below] or the update is getting stuck at the Update Requested screen instead of starting the download. The Update Requested is actually a feature that was introduced in the year by Apple when iOS 8 was released, and the aim behind it was to manage the sudden surge in traffic when a major iOS update was released. In such a case, the update should start downloading soon on its own.

Image : More iOS Update Errors Software Update Failed


In case you are getting extremely slow download speeds, you cannot really do anything but wait for the server load to decrease. There are millions of users around the world just like you who want to get iOS right now. So it can mean that these download speeds and errors will continue for 2 to 3 days probably.

You can try some alternate solutions to download the iOS update faster on your iOS device, but the process is very cumbersome.

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    • Same here. I’ve restarted many times. If I connect to iTunes to update through there. It says my software is up to date!? Obviously not as my iPhone is trying to download iOS 10 beta 6!? 😡😡

  1. Ugh I have restarted about 5 times, turned Airplane Mode on, and checked if I have enough space (which I do!!) and I still will not work.

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