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Are you fed up with having to keep heading over to the Control Center when you want to change the volume on your iPhone ? Most people tend to use their ringer volume, for ring volume, notifications and text tones and their media volume for watching videos and listening to music. Unfortunately, the default volume is the ringer volume and that’s the one you will get all the time, unless you are playing media, in which case, you can use the volume buttons to change the volume.

Image : SwitchHud – iPhone Volume Toggler

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To give you back some control, to stop you getting your ear blasted out when you switch off your music and forget to change the ringer volume back, a new jailbreak tweak called SwitchHUD has just been released.

SwitchHUD Features

  • SwitchHUD will give you the ability to easily switch between the two volume controls with just a simple Activator action, letting you choose exactly what your volume control buttons will adjust, when you want them to. switchhud1
  • Enable or disable the tweak easily from the preferences pane added to your settings app switchhud2
  • Decide which Activator action you want to use to invoke the toggle between the volume controls, from a list provided in the preference panel. There are quite a few to pick from so choose the one that suits you the best. If, for example, you chose to double tap the status bar, something you can do from anywhere in iOS, one double-tap would bring up the ringer volume and another would then bring up the media volume, allowing you to switch between the two easily. SwitchHUD-preferences
  • SwitchHUD is the perfect tweak for those who just want to have more control over the main two volume controls. If you want to be able to set all of your volume controls from the same interface, take a look at our article on another new tweak called Volume Mixer 2.  switchHUD_1

Download :

It is a Free tweak and you can download it from the BigBoss repository on Cydia. If you haven’t yet done it, follow our tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 9.1 and then head to Cydia to explore all the great new tweaks that are being steadily released.

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