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Many a times while using our iPhone our iPad, we stumble across a word that we do not know the meaning of. So the next obvious steps are to go to the Safari browser and search for the definition of that word. This is such a lenghty process, isn’t it? Well, thanks to a very smart jailbreak tweak called TextSearchPro, you don’t have to quit the current app to search for definitions.

Image : TextSearchPro Tweak

textsearch pro app

Features :

  • Stuck on a word and don’t know what it means ? The TextSearchPro tweak for jailbroken iOS 9 devices speeds up the whole process.
  • The tweak makes use of FlipSwitch and Activator to help you search anything from anywhere in your iOS device.
  • Once you invoke the TextSearchPro tweak, a popup will come up where you have to type the search term and search for its definition either in the built-in iOS dictionary or on the web.textsearchpro6
  • You can invoke the tweak using two ways. You can either use an Activator gesture or simply do it through the new FlipSwitch toggle that gets added in the Control Centertextsearch1
  • After installing TextSearchPro, go to Settings and enter the preferences pane of the tweak to configure it. You can choose the search engine that you want to search the words with, or you can choose the built-in iOS dictionary.
  • If you have chosen the web search option, the the tweak will launch a browser automatically and will show you the search results. The browser gets all the important features like back and forward navigation, bookmarks, refresh, etc. You can also enable more than one search engine at once, and you will be asked to choose a search engine when you search for a word. You can choose between Yahoo, Bing, Google, Baidu, and Yahoo Japantextsearchpro1
  • If you want to use an Activator gesture to enable the tweak instead of the FlipSwitch toggle, you need to go to the Activator pane in Settings for assigning a gesture to invoke TextSearchPro.

Download :

So you see, TextSearchPro makes it so easy to search the internet from anywhere in your iPhone. This helps save a lot of time and effort that you will otherwise waste in leaving the app and going to the Safari browser for searching the word. And the best part is that it does come at a really low price. You can get this tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $0.99.

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