TinyPlayer Lite – Systemwide Access to Music Controls

Accessing your music controls, no matter where you are in the iOS, usually means you either have to go to the music app or open up Control Center and use the controls in there. Now there is a new way for all you folks who have opted to go down the route of jailbreaking. A new tweak called TinyPlayer Lite gives you a neat floating widget to control your music with.

Image : TinyPlayer Lite brings Systemwide Access to Music Controls

TinyPlayer tweaks cydia


  • TinyPlayer Lite places a floating Widget on your screen so that you can see it from anywhere in iOS tinyplayer-lite-1
  • You can drag the widget around, placing it where you want toTinyPlayer
  • See the name of the artist and song currently being played at a glance
  • Access a tray with all your music controls
  • Play or pause a song at will. Skip on to another track or go back to one you played previously
  • Swiping left on the tray gives you a set of Social Media buttons, allowing you to share your current music easily with all your friends
  • Tap gestures are included – double tapping the widget lets you sip on a song and triple tapping goes back to a previous song
  • Tap and hold the widget and you get to choose between dark and light themes
  • TinyPlayer Lite is fully compatible with Activator
  • You have to use Activator gestures to hide or view the widget. Do this through the Preferences pane added to your settings app when you download TinyPlayer Lite tinyplayerlite5
  • TinyPlayer Lite works with the stock music app, and third-party apps like Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer
  • The widget is compact enough that it doesn’t inhibit your view of the screen

TinyPlayer Lite is a limited version of the app and does not include controls for changing the volume of your music. However, the developer is talking about releasing a Pro version of the tweak later on, a version that will have more controls, more options for configuration and a bigger choice of themes.

Download :

TinyPlayer Lite is Free to download from the BigBoss repo on Cydia and fully supports iOS 9. Give it a whirl today and let us know what you think of it. Are you likely to pay for a Pro version in the future ? What else do you think needs to be added in to the tweak ?

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  1. Can’t I jailbreak my iPhone on IOS 9.3.1 ? If not why? Or is there any way to jailbreak my iPhone in another way,like downgrading IOS?How can I downgrade IOS?

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