TinyUmbrella has long been a useful tool for jailbreakers to use because it allows us to downgrade your iOS devices to a firmware that can be jailbroken, irrespective of whether that firmware is still being signed or not by Apple. Right now, TinyUmbrella cannot be used to downgrade your device, simply because Apple has fixed the loophole that allowed it to work. However, it can still be used as a way of saving SHSH blobs.

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When TinyUmbrella [ext link] saves the SHSH blobs, it converts them to an IPSW file. This file can then be used as a way of downgrading the iPhone or iPad to a firmware version that Apple no longer signs. It can do this because, when the SHSH blob is converted, the IPSW file is pre-signed. However, as we said, the downgrade function is not working in TinyUmbrella at the moment although the developer, Semaphore, has said that the tool will be updated in the future. For the time being, you should use TinyUmbrella to start saving all your SHSH blobs from now on, making sure you use it every time you update your iOS device firmware.

Downgrade using TinyUmbrella :

First, you need to download TinyUmbrella and install it on your Mac or Windows PC. You can do that using the links below :

How to use TinyUmbrella to Save Your SHSH Blobs :

  1. After downloading TinyUmbrella onto your computer, you need to check to see if you have Java installed , TinyUmbrella requires Java to work. You can use this [ ext link ] to download it if you don’t have it installed on your computer

When it has downloaded, and installed, launch TinyUmbrella

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and wait for TinyUmbrella to detect it tinyumbrella-ios-8-download-1-640x244
  2. If it doesn’t, unplug your device and shut TinyUmbrella down. Now repeat the above steps again
  3. Once your device has been detected, TinyUmbrella will automatically find and save all valid SHSH blobs on your iOS devicetinyumbrella-ios-8-download-0-640x244

Don’t forget , TinyUmbrella can only save SHSH blobs for iOS firmware that is still being signed. They will be saved in a single file ~/.tu/.shsh. You will find that there are three different type of SHSH blob – OTA, Erase and Update.

As soon as TinyUmbrella is updated so that it can be used to downgrade again, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep saving your SHSH blobs and follow us on Facebook for more news. If you Subscribe to our free email newsletter, we will send the updates straight to your inbox .

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