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Many iPhone users have reported that the Touch ID has gone a bit flaky and is not working properly. The Touch ID might sometimes go haywire and might not register or accept the correct fingerprints, which can be a worrying thing for those who use it as their primary security mechanism for unlocking the phone as well as making purchases and logging in to different apps.

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The Touch ID not working problem might be caused by a number of problems. The sensor might not work if your fingers have become dirty or wet while cooking, exercising, or other such activities. Substances like oils, lotions, cuts, sweats, etc. can also affect the Touch ID’s accuracy.

So if you are having such problems and your Touch ID sensor is not working properly, you can solve the problem by recalibrating the sensor using the below-given steps.

Recalibrating the Touch ID Sensor :

Whenever your Touch ID sensor stops working properly, you must follow this procedure first before trying out anything. This is the most basic yet the best solution to most of the Touch ID problems. This is like starting from the beginning and teaching your iPhone to recognize your fingerprint properly.

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode when asked for.
  2. Now choose the problematic fingerprint and select the Delete Fingerprint option. touch-id-settings2touchid-settings
  3. Next, tap on the button that says Add a Fingerprint… touch-id-setting
  4. Be creative and place your finger over the Touch ID sensor in various positions like up-side-down, sideways, right-side-up, etc. until the fingerprint icon is entirely colored up. If you are asked to adjust your grip, just scan the edges of the finger so that the icon gets completely colored.
  5. Finally, tap the Continue button and your fingerprint will be saved. touch-id-settings
  6. Now lock your iPhone and check whether the Touch ID is working now. touch id iphone 6 hands

In case you are still facing issues after recalibrating the Touch ID, there may be some other factor causing the problem instead of your finger. Try these fixes and see whether you can get the sensor to work properly:

  • Get a microfiber cloth and properly clean the Touch ID sensor. Make sure that any residue, moisture, finger oil, dust, etc. is removed.
  • Try recalibrating the fingerprint sensor using a different finger, as the once you are using might not be having a bold, clear fingerprint.
  • Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings, and then try again.

If everything else fails, go to the AppleCare and let the Apple guys check what’s wrong with the Touch ID sensor.

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