Tweak Count – See Total Installed Cydia Tweaks

People jailbreak their iPhones for one single reason to install Cydia and download awesome jailbreak tweaks in order to customize the whole iOS UI. Well, there are tweaks that change a major part of the iOS environment and give your iPhone experience a major overhaul. But then there are some tweaks which might bring in very small functionality to your iPhone which might seem insignificant at first, but the features added by those small tweaks are nonetheless very useful and convenient.

Image : Tweak Count App Shows Tweaks Installed

tweak count app

The best example for this is Cydia itself. Do you know how many Cydia Packages are installed on your jailbroken iOS device currently ? Well, there’s no easy way to find it out and we usually lose count of the number of tweaks that we install on your devices. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just find this information very quickly without having to count all the tweaks manually? Well, a new tweak named Tweak Count 2 helps you do that very easily.

Tweak Count 2 basically shows you the total number of Cydia tweaks that are installed on your iOS device. The tweak displays this information in the Installed tab of Cydia. But is that it ? Does this tweak offer no more options? Let’s find out!

Features :

  • The main function of Tweak Count 2 is to display you the tweak count or the number of Cydia packages in your iPhone.
  • After installing the tweak, just go to the Installed tab in Cydia. The package count will be located in the navigation bar of Cydia at the right corner. tweak count 2 small
  • You will also find a package count at the end of the package list. The number includes all the installed tweaks, developer tools, as well as the dependent tweaks.
  • Tweak Count 2 also gets its own preferences pane that you can find in the stock Settings app.Tweak-Count-2
  • In the preferences, you can enable or disable the tweak using the kill switch toggle. You can also change the color of the label and make it grey. You can also count the Cydia tweaks from there on demand.

Download :

In case you are someone who likes to keep a track of the number of Cydia package installed in your iOS device, then this tweak is exactly what you should install. You can get Tweak Count 2 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for free. And yes, the tweak is compatible with iOS 9, so it should work smoothly with all the iOS 9 devices.

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