Volbright – Use Volume Keys for Screen Brightness

Changing the brightness on your iPhone or iPad can be a bit of a pain at best. Although you can set it to auto brightness, on occasion it might be too bright or not bright enough and that means having to go into settings and manually changing it to what you want. What if you could do it with your volume buttons ? With new Cydia tweak VolBright, you can do just that.

Image : Volbright – Use Volume Keys for Screen Brightness

volbright cydia ios 10

VolBright Features :

We know that the volume buttons are set to change the output volume on our iOS devices but, with the exception of being usable as a shutter button for the camera, they have no other use. With VolBright, that changes and you can :

  • Switch between using the buttons for volume or for screen brightness controls volbright ringer
  • Use the ringer | silent switch to flip between the two modes – no having to disable or enable the tweak in settings volbright in hand
  • When you use the volume buttons to change your screen brightness, you get an updated HUD that displays an icon for brightness instead of volume
  • Very useful for those who watch videos a lot. Although you can use control center to change screen brightness, when you are watching a full-screen video, it’s a pain to have to swipe up twice, for the grabber and for the actual controls. Using VolBright saves all the messing around.
  • Compatible with iOS 9.3.3
  • Compatible with PPHelper jailbreak

When you download VolBright, you get a preferences pane in the Settings app. From there you can enable or disable the tweak, set the tweak to activate with silent mode on or off – for example, you could set it to have the volume buttons control the screen brightness when silent mode is switched on, with the volume control returning when silent mode is disabled. You can also respring the tweak with the button in the preferences pane.volbright1

Download :

If VolBright is the kind of tweak that will suit you then, after you have installed PPHelper jailbreak you can head to Cydia and download VolBright free of charge from the BigBoss repository. You do need to have a ringer | silent button on your iPhone or iPad otherwise the tweak will not work.

What do you think of the idea behind VolBright ? Is it something that you would use on a regular basis, maybe because you watch full-screen videos on a regular basis ? Let us know what you think of VolBright in the comments box below and, to make sure you hear about all the latest jailbreak tweaks, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.

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