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Doesn’t it get annoying, having to keep changing the volume on your iPhone, all depending on what app you are using? Do you want to change that, have a volume control for each individual app on your device ? Well, you can with a new jailbreak tweak called VolumePanel. The tweak provides you with volume controls for each separate app on your device, allowing you to set the levels independently of one another. No more getting your ears blasted when you put your headphones on or not being able to hear your music playing from the speakers. Instead, each app can have its own volume, making life so much easier for you.

Image : VolumePanel Cydia Tweak

volumepanel cydia

Features :

VolumePanel is by no means a basic tweak and it is packed full of features to give you a much better user experience:

  • Set a volume control for each of your apps individually
  • If you use headphones, set a lower control with the apps that you use them with volumepanel2
  • If you like to share media or other content with someone sitting with you, configure those apps to have louder volumes
  • Set controls for all apps that the tweak recognizes on your device including Cydia tweaks, stock apps, and other third-party ones volumepanel3
  • Use Activator actions to open the interface

VolumePanel works through an Activator action that will open the interface at any time or you can use the VolumePanel button in the Control Center. The Activator action will only bring up the interface itself but when you access VolumePanel using the button, you get a fair bit more functionality. For example, you can show the controls or hide them whenever you want to for each of the apps on the device. Changing the volume is easy – simply tap and drag the slider on each app. You can also flick through the apps by scrolling right or left, making it dead simple to set the controls for all apps in one easy place.

Configuring VolumePanel :

Downloading the tweak will automatically add a Preferences pane to Settings and this is where you configure the settings for VolumePanel. You have quite a choice of settings here, including:

  • Enabling and disabling VolumePanel when you want to
  • Picking the location in the Control Center for the volume control button
  • Coloring the volume sliders to match the app icon colors volumepanel4
  • Unifying the headphone and speaker volumes so you don’t get blasted out of your chair or can hardly hear what’s on
  • Having all recognized apps in the interface not just recent ones
  • Picking which Activator action you are going to use
  • Respringing your device to save the changes you made

Download :

VolumePanel is a very useful tweak with plenty of features to give you exactly what you want. Apple limits us in volume control and VolumePanel gives you back that control, as well as supporting all of your apps, not just the stock ones, or those that you downloaded from Cydia. VolumePanel is available from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for $1.49 but it does not support the iPad at the moment , only the iPhone and the iPod Touch . Although it is compatible with both the iOS 9 and iOS 8 jailbreaks. As usual free download is also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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