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Apple iPhone 6s launch event has just finished on Sept 9th . First on the event was iPhone 6s running iOS 9 and everyone was eager to see if the rumors were true . We have already heard that iOS 9 will be light on features and heavy on stability and performance tweaks, in a similar style to OS X Snow Leopard and we have also heard that the Cupertino Company are building in another layer of security, called “Rootless”, partly in a bid to stop jailbreakers. Read all new iOS 9 Features on our latest post . Something else that always appears every year in the run up to iPhone launch event is a slew of new wallpapers. The first set that appeared were based on the design of the WWDC invitation and you can take a look at those, and download them, from below. The second set that appeared just recently and came from a concept designer called Ralph Theodory – those wallpapers can be downloaded from below.

Image : iOS 9 Wallpaper Download

ios 9 wallpaper download

In the last few months , Apple has been doing some work on a new storefront centered on the Apple Watch and how it works in harmony with the existing iOS ecosystem. We have managed to get hold of modified images from the iPhone photo gallery on the Apple website as well as two from the new storefront and you can now download those as your wallpaper as well.

Download and Set Images as Wallpaper : Updated

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open up Safari browser
  2. Bring up this article on your screen and tap the link at the bottom of the article to open it
  3. When the page opens tap the link to download the wallpaper
  4. Now open Settings on your device
  5. Tap on Wallpaper
  6. Choose the one you want to use and decide whether it is for your Lock or Home screen
  • Download 1 : Link
  • Download 2 : Link [zip file]

iOS 9 Wallpaper Set :

ios_9_wallpaper (1)

You have to download this link in your pc or mac and unzip the file to extract its contents . There are a total of 15 wallpapers included by Apple in iOS 9 beta 5 release .

  • Download 3 [ Zip File Size 45 MB  ] : Link

OSX El Capitan Wallpaper Download :


High resolution OS X 10.11 El Capitan wallpaper :

That’s all there is to it, do let us know, as usual, what you think of them.

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  1. 2. Bring up this article on your screen and tap the link at the bottom of the article to open it.

    — which link? there are several.

    3. When the page opens tap the link to download the wallpaper.

    What link? I got a zip file, with options to send it to Notes, Mail or Outlook… no idea how to take it from there.

    1. Hey there . zip files need to be uncompressed/unzipped using a computer. Unfortunately the iPhone or iPad cannot do that .

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