WavetoWake – Turn iPhone Display On and Off

The iPhone has a proximity sensor in it that, when you raise the phone up to your face during a call, turns off the display. Over the years, we have seen a number of Cydia tweaks that focus on the proximity sensor to bring new features to it. Now we have another one and this one will automatically turn your display on and off. It’s called WavetoWake and is very simple to use.

Image : WavetoWake Cydia Tweak

wavetowake cydia ios 10

WavetoWake Features :

  • Simply wave your hand near the sensor to turn the iPhone display on and off
  • If your iPhone is locked, wave at the sensor to unlock it and vice versa, wave to lock it
  • The proximity sensor is at the top of your device and waving in front of it or tapping it will allow WavetoWake tweak to detect it and take the right action
  • This is a great tweak for those who frequently check their lock screens for notifications – instead of putting pressure and more wear and tear on the button to turn your display on, simply wave your hand over it to bring up the lock screen
  • Will automatically turn on your display when you take your iPhone out of your pocket and will automatically shut it off when you put it back in your packet if you forget

There are a number of configuration options with WavetoWake and these can be found in the Preferences pane in your settings app when the tweak has been installed. You will find options for:

  • Enabling or disabling the tweak
  • Choose whether to use the sensor for locking your device or unlocking it wave2wake1
  • Set WavetoWake to be disabled when your battery level drops, when you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode or when there are no notifications on your lock screen
  • Set the number of waves needed to unlock or lock your iPhone display

There have been many tweaks in the past that offer up similar features but WaketoWave includes configuration options that are unique to the tweak and can’t be found in any other. The reason for the option to disable when your battery level is low is because the tweak will have a small negative effect on your battery life.

Download :

If this is the kind of Cydia tweak that will make your life easier, you do need to jailbreak your device first. Use PPHelper to jailbreak following the instructions at the given link and then head to the BigBoss repo in Cydia. WaketoWave will set you back a mere $0.99, a small amount to pay for such great functionality. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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