Weatherboard 2 Released for iOS 9

It has been a lot of years since iOS came into existence, and since then, Apple has regularly kept the firmware up to date. One of the many reasons why Apple is regarded as the best smart phone company is that it listens to the feedbacks of its consumers and takes the opportunity to implement their needs and suggestions.

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weatherboard 2 ios 9

Currently in the iOS 9 avatar, the firmware has received a lot of additions in terms of features and the list continues to grow. One such major feature that Apple brought to the iOS some time ago was the Notification Center, which enabled the users to add widgets to a particular area in iOS. However, the firmware still lacks a fully extensible widget experience.

Well luckily, we have got jailbreaking and Cydia, which brings a lot of exciting jailbreak tweaks to iOS. One such feature-packed tweak is WeatherBoard 2, which recently got updated to be compatible with iOS 9. This tweak is basically a weather widget, but it does its job in a very exciting way. The tweak has been very popular in the last few years because it brings a much-wanted functionality to iOS, which is why the developers of WeatherBoard 2 have updated it consistently to support every major iOS version.

For those who are not familiar with this tweak, here is a quick recap of its features.

Features :

  • The basic idea behind the WeatherBoard 2 is that it brings weather and temperature forecast data right to the Lock screen and Home screen of iOS. weatherboard 21weatherboard_2
  • This tweak is not like the stock iOS Weather widget, which is included inside the Notification Center and shows a number of text and icons. Instead, WeatherBoard 2 comes with more than 80 animated wallpapers that allow users to experience beautiful weather animations right on the Lock and Home screens. weatherboard 20
  • While adding support to iOS 9, the tweak also works with the Low Power Mode in iOS 9, which has been devised to switch off all the power-hogging features in iOS to conserve battery. WeatherBoard 2 has now been updated to work with this mode, so the tweak turns off animations and other battery-eating features while the Low Power Mode is turned on. weatherboard 22
  • WeatherBoard 2 supports iPhone and iPad both on iOS 9.

Download WeatherBoard 2

If you are someone who likes to keep any eye on the temperature and weather, WeatherBoard 2 is a must-try. You can buy this tweak directly from the BiggBoss repo in Cydia. It costs $2.49 and supports iOS 7 to iOS 9. You can also get this tweak for free by downloading it from various 3rd party repos.

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