Slow WiFi Speed on iOS 9 – How to Speed it Up

Isn’t it annoying when your iPhone automatically latches on to a Wi-Fi network with poor signal ? You are literally forced to switch manually to cellular data by fumbling through the settings. But thanks to a new feature in iOS 9, this problem won’t bother you anymore. Called the Wi-Fi Assist, this feature automatically switches to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection is weak | slow . It is very convenient and easy to use. You just have to enable Wi-Fi Assist and you’re good to go.

Image : WiFi Slow Problem on iOS 9

ios 9 wifi slow problem

Let’s do deep into this new iOS 9 feature and see how you can benefit from Wi-Fi assist to ensure non-stop internet connection.

How Wi-Fi Assist Helps You Fix Slow iOS 9 WiFi

You probably know about dead Wi-Fi spots – areas where a Wi-Fi is available and you can connect to it, but the signla reception is so weak that you won’t be able to use it. If you have used the open Wi-Fi at a public restaurant or at any other location, then previous iOS versions tend to connect to such networks even if the signal reception is extremely weak and is unusable.

In such cases, you have to manually turn off Wi-Fi and switch to cellular data, or else you will have to move away from that dead Wi-Fi spot. But thanks to Wi-Fi Assist on iOS 9, it switches to cellular data automatically when the Wi-Fi signal is not up to the mark.

Steps to Enable Wi-Fi Assist on an iPhone iOS 9

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad running iOS 9.
  2. Open Cellular settings. ios-9 cellular
  3. Now scroll down and toggle Wi-Fi Assist ON. iphone-ios9-disable-wifi-assist-850x760

How Apple Defines a Poor WiFi Connection ?

According to Apple’s iOS 9 presentation at WWDC 2015, your device will switch over to cellular if the Wi-Fi connection is in an extremely weak state. In most cases, iOS prioritizes cellular over Wi-Fi with one bar of signal strength (you’re barely within range) or if Wi-Fi is not responding, or is very slow to respond.

Apple has a history of withholding information pertaining to iOS’s inner workings so you won’t find information on the threshold value that prompts Wi-Fi Assist to take over.

Tip : Customize Cellular Setting for Different Apps

In case you are running iOS 9 and are going to enable Wi-Fi Assist, then it is a good idea to enable cellular data for specific apps that you use a lot and would like to have uninterrupted internet connection for. To do this, go to Settings > General > Cellular. You must also remember to disable cellular data for Netflix and other such apps, so that you don’t end up losing all of your cellular data because of Wi-Fi Assist.

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  1. with IOS 9 my phone frequently drops wlan reception, even with this feature turned off.
    appel can’t helt and the douchebags in the forums suggest that an iphone 5 is outdated and I should buy an ihpone 6s…

    well I think that is the plan behind this update

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