Winterboard Released for iOS 9

It has been quite a lot of days now since we have had the Pangu 9 jailbreak for iOS 9-iOS 9.0.2. However, a lot of developers have still not updated their popular Cydia packages to support iOS 9. Thankfully, the developers are aware of this and they are trying to update their packages with iOS 9 compatibility. So if the tweak that you love the most is still not available for iOS 9, then it will be available for the firmware soon. And talking about the most-loved packages, WinterBoard has now been updated to work with iOS 9. So no more Winterboard Not Working on iOS 9 issues for jailbreakers .

Image : Winterboard for iOS 9

winterboard ios 9

WinterBoard is one of those staple packages that all the jailbreak users install in their jailbroken iOS devices right after jailbreaking. One of the best things about the package is that it still supports iOS right from iOS 2.0 to iOS 9.0.2. Saurik [ Jay Freeman, Cydia Creator ]has updated WinterBoard to version 0.9.3919, which brings iOS 9 compatibility to the package. However, it is the smallest possible update and does not bring any new features.

For those who thought that the WinterBoard package for iOS 9 will bring additional functionality or power, this news comes as a disappointment. However, we must appreciate the fact that WinterBoard came to iOS 9 at last and runs smoothly on the firmware without any bugs. Even though some users were able to use some workaround fixes to run WinterBoard on iOS 9 before this update arrived, those methods were not as smooth as bug-free as the official update.

Features :

  • WinterBoard is a Cydia package that allows you to customize almost each and every element of the iOS UI. winterboard theme download0
  • WinterBoard can be used to customize the looks, colors, backgrounds, transparency, sounds, and much more in a jailbroken iOS device. winterboard theme download1
  • A lot of WinterBoard themes, paid and free, are available to download from Cydia. With just some simple taps, the themes can be installed easily, giving your iOS device a major overhaul.
  • Version 0.9.3919 [at the time of writing this article] of the WinterBoard package brings support for iOS 9. It resolves the calendar-icons theming and also fixes the bug that caused Spotlight to crash. winterboard_theme_1one

In case you love customizing your iOS device and are a big WinterBoard fan, this update will be no less than a great gift for you from Saurik. You can download the updated package directly from Cydia. Also, you must remember that WinterBoard doesn’t have a separate app icon now that can be launched from the Home screen. You need to go to the stock Settings app to access preferences for WinterBoard. So go grab this update and color your iOS device as you wish!

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