Wolfram – Charge your iPhone Battery Faster

We have heard about fast charging and quick charging in Android devices, and these features help the phones get their battery filled up in no time. However, no such feature has been heard of in iOS devices. We don’t mean to say that iPhones or iPads take very long to charge. But even a few minutes of less charging time is a relief for users.

Image : Wolfram – Charge your iPhone Battery Faster

wolfram fast battery charge

Apple introduced the new Low Power Mode in iOS 9 and the feature helps save power and make the iOS device run longer when it is extremely low on battery. However, a new jailbreak tweak named Wolfram uses this feature to make your device get charged faster. Amused? Go through the features of this useful tweak and see what it has to offer.


  • Wolfram claims to increase the charging speed by turning on the Low Power Mode whenever your iOS device is connected to a charger.
  • The idea behind this tweak is to stop all the unnecessary background processes that eat up the battery, thus helping the device get charged faster. appswitcher_ios_9_iphone_6 2
  • In case you don’t know, the Low Power Mode stops background app refreshing, email fetching, automatic updates and downloads from the App Store, some animations, WiFi in background, and listening for Hey Siri.background_app_refresh_ios_9
  • So when the power-hogging features are limited in the background, your iOS device displaces less power and thus the battery gets filled up faster.
  • The Wolfram tweak gets a preferences pane in the stock Settings app. From there, you can disable or enable the tweak and choose whether or not to disable the Low Power Mode when the battery reaches 100% charge level. If you disable it, the Low Power Mode will remain on even if you unplug the device from charging. So the background actions are still restricted and your device runs for longer.wolfram_1
  • One good thing about the tweak is that the preferences pane gets a blue button labelled as Apple Changes. Hitting this button after making changes resprings your device, which is a very useful and neat option.

Wolfram is a very interesting idea, and theoretically it is logical. However, no tests have been conducted to know how much faster does the tweak help iOS device get charged. Many users reported that the difference is only slight. But that does not make the tweak any less smart.

Download :

Wolfram is free to download from the BiggBoss repo in Cydia. So install it and see whether you are able to charge your iOS device faster.

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