XModGames is a highly popular installer that offers us access to a wide range of games and apps that have been tweaked to include extra, in some cases premium features. These are features that, should you want them, would cost you quite a bit if you purchased then in-app but, thanks to XModGames [ext link], you can now get them all for free. The games are also free to download, saving you the cost of having to purchase the more upmarket or complex ones from the app store.

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Mobile games now head the game playing market by quite a long way and much of that is down to the hardware that we now have. With much better graphics and more superior screens at our disposal and the fact that more and more people live on their mobile devices these days, it’s no wonder that PC games and console games are falling by the wayside. We’re going to be showing you how to download XModGames soon but first, here are some of the features you can expect to find in the app:

XModGames Features :

  • Free download and installation
  • No need to pay to play any game 
  • Choose from hundreds of games, tweaked to include all sorts of extras
  • Graphics enhanced on selected games
  • Dead easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Full HD screen recorder included
  • Automated plugins let some games play without your help
  • Updates on a regular basis keep the bugs away and the app safe
  • A great forum is included directly in-app

While XModGames is packed with features and great games, you may not find the one you are looking for.  Some of the bigger developers have taken the decision to ban their games form appearing in XModGames, saying that it doesn’t promote a fair usage policy for all players. We must also tell you that neither we nor the XModGames developers can take any responsibility for any action that official game developers may take if they determine you are using a modified version of their game. This includes suspension or deletion of visiting game accounts or being banned from setting one up. You download the app at your own risk:

How to Download XModGames :

Check out the article below for all the details on downloading XModGames on iOS or Android:

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